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Family owned and operated since 1961



 Dog Kennel, Dog Grooming, Dog Boarding, La Mesa, San Diego, CA

                                                                                         OUR PLEDGE TO YOUR PET


1.  We will care for all boarded pets with kindness and will place their welfare above all other buisness considerations

2.  We will provide security and safety for all boarded pets by means of proper Kennel design , good animal handling procedures , adequate seperation between animals , and by keeping all pet boading areas free from potential hazards.

3.  We will maintain a sanitary enviorment for all boarded pets.

4.  We will provide vigilant supervision of all boarded pets by competent , conscientious personnel and will respond appropriately to any sign of distress or emergency.

5.  We will provide individual water containers and clean water to each boarded pet.

6.  We will provide an adequate and proper diet to each boarded pet.

7.  We will seek veterinary assistance whenever appropriate , the choice of veterinarian to be governed by Kennel policy , as explained during check-in.

8.  We will require proper immunizations for all boarders , as specified in our pre-entry procedures.

9.  We will administer owner-provided or veterinary-prescribed medication in accordance with instructions.

10.  We will take appropriate measures to control parasites within the kennel environment.

11.  We will maintain temperatures within healthful limits , and will take appropriate precautions to protect animals which have special temperature requirements

12.  We will provide protection from the elements and from excessive exposure to the sun to all boarded pets.

13.  We will provide adequate ventilation to minimize possible exposer to harmful bacteria or viruses.

14.  We will provide comfortable levels of light in all boarding areas.

15.  We will provide individual sleeping areas which are large enough to accommodate normal postural movements.

16.  We will provide adequate exercise opportunities in areas which are safe , secure , clean and large enough for each boarded pet to exercise properly.